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Next week, we will be taking a look at Phil Taylor new range of darts. Has Target lived up to Unicor...
Huge range of new Harrows Dart Flights and Accessories in stock this weekend. http://www.bestofbr...
Harrows new Pinz Darts, in stock now.   Checkout Pinz darts here
We are currently uploading all Harrows new products, so watch this space.
In stock Now and Just 69p Target Vision Dart Flights. Great Designs printed over clear flights.
New Locking Technlogy for your Flights. Highly reccomended system. New Flight Sticks Available and I...
Available in Black and White and three sizes. Complete with locking rings. In Stock Now.
Duo tone in Rainbow Colours. Great Nylon Stems. In Stock Now.
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Buy darts online – choosing the best darts for you

Non-darts players may think that there’s no difference from one set of darts to the next, but experts know otherwise. There are many different manufacturers of darts and they all offer a range of products. They style and type that you pick depends on the way you play.
Which darts are right for you?
It may be that the best way to work out which darts are best for you is to try some out. If you play in a team or you have friends that play, have a game using their darts instead of your own. This will help you to see how different darts fly and which particular weight or style suits your throwing technique. The “bounce” is a regular frustration for darts players – and most novices or occasional players will recognise when a dart hits the board and bounces off rather than sticking in. Some darts claim to be able to reduce the bounce-back effect, but again, this is largely dependent on how you throw the dart in the first place.
You also need to think about durability. If you’re a regular darts player, you’ll be carrying your darts around with you all the time. They need to have a good protective case, and shafts that won’t bend if the darts are in your pocket for much of the time. Weight may play a factor in this. Some people prefer lighter-weight darts because they’re often thinner, but these darts need to be thrown pretty hard to be sure of sticking in the board. Heavier darts often fly better and stick more easily, but have thicker shafts, which you may find less comfortable to hold.
Buying “the latest” darts
It may well be tempting to buy the most heavily-advertised brand of darts, or the ones that make extraordinary claims about performance, but don’t hand over your money until you’re absolutely sure about what you’re getting for your cash. If you’re looking for good prices, then try out some darts in a shop or at a competition and then buy online, where prices are inevitably lower.
The Best of British Darts Ltd specialise in all things darts. You can buy the best quality darts online from the latest steel tip or soft tip darts, stems, shafts and darts flights, right through to all the dart accessories you will need like dart boards, dart cases, as well as darts clothing to make you feel the part. You can also find a full range of personalised darts, personalised flights, shafts and stems - a great gift idea. We only deal with the world’s best dart manufacturers and stock the latest ranges from all the top pro players. Shop online, or call 01702 304988 to find out more.
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Ordered Monday, received Tuesday! This is a great piece of kit and dead simple to use. Thanks BOB Darts!

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